It’s 1 am

I did it again. I never learn. I caved in and had a nice hot cup of espresso at 9 pm. So, I’m laying down in bed with my phone on the lowest setting of brightness going through some old notes/ thoughts I jotted down. I’m reading some for the first time because I usually don’t like to read what I write at that moment, I think I do that because I know how hard I am on myself. In the future it’s a real treat reading them and I feel inspired afterwards.

“Ever revisit a place you once thought you belonged and now it’s so clear it was just part of your story and nothing more.”



  1. I love reading my writing after! Especially when I can read it the next morning and see what a different state my mind was the night before.

    1. I feel like it’s really helpful, especially when I’m feeling down or something and I stumble upon some old writings that remind me that I’m on a journey. I like to call them future words for my future self. -keep writing 🙂

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