I’m switching things up on my blog. Im picking up where I left out and I really hope you continue to stop by and like my posts. When I was battling manic depression two years ago I lived in my room. My mind was constantly on. Literally, thousands of ideas flowed through my head, many genius and some entirely bogus but I convinced myself I could pull them off. I would write excessively. When I look at them now some ideas really do make sense and I want to make them a reality. One of my dreams involves music, because within my life music has saved me.. I want to create music. I want to share music. I want to live in music.
Please stop by and get a daily dose of artists I follow and support.

Side note:
I want everyone to recognize their potential and to NEVER settle for anything that makes them miserable. Wake up each day with your dreams in mind and do something each day that will lead you to those goals. Work for what you want and do it honestly.

Chemically imbalanced and surviving.


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